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The Gaffgun Tape Applicator for effortless floor taping
A quick solution to time-consuming taping job
Jane Wise
By Jane Wise
Jan 29, 2018

In a world that is getting increasingly wireless, we still inevitably meet wires that spread over the floor and tangle up together. And we manage to use tapes to secure the cords underneath, yet it still becomes tedious and time-consuming to manually organize, straighten and gaffer-tape  them.


And the GaffGun could just be the right tool. This unique tape applicator gathers cords and wires that are irregularly laid ahead, straightens and centers them through its unique tunneling system. As the GaffGun glides forward on its wheel, all the cords are uniformly taped underneath the tapes. Easy as that. All the work you on your part is to assemble the tape onto the hub, and guide the tool toward the designated direction for the cords and wires.


The manufacturer claims the GaffGun saves 90% of time of the time to lay floor tape and has a series of interchangeable CableGuides for taping different sizes and numbers of tapes. The GaffGun can be used for various needs and situations: seaming a dance floor, DJ/concert set up or industrial safety zone.  You name it.
The GaffGun sells at $269 for full bundle which includes cable-guides of small, medium and large sizes. Is the price too hefty for a seemingly easy setup or justifiable for the time saved? We will keep our reservations and let you decide. Comment below and let us know what you think.



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