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Five Smart Home Devices That You Should Buy For Your Living Room
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Aaqib Javeed
By Aaqib Javeed
Jan 25, 2018

Smart home gadgets are a growing trend. Smart home devices let you turn your home into an automated, voice-activated and app-controlled hub. A smart thermostat means set an alarm with your voice, smart speakers can play music when you talk to them and a smart camera can alert you when there’s an intruder – or keep an eye on the pets with a remote camera.

Let’s check out the smart gadgets you can use in you in your living room.

1) Google Wifi

Unlike the traditional router Google Wifi allows you seamless WI-FI over Google mesh network. It’s designed to handle multiple devices streaming, downloading and sharing at the same time. The best thing is that Wifi points are placed throughout the home and they work together to provide attic-to-basement coverage. The setup is done in just 90 seconds and you can enjoy fast internet in your living room.

2) Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is one of the best gadgets that transform the way you use your living space. The voice-controlled speaker with its own virtual assistant, called Alexa allows a user to play music, set alarms, check weather and score updates. You just need to sync your Amazon echo with your smart device. This smart home device can be incredibly handy, especially pulling up a video feed from a connected camera.

3) Samsung Smart Home Camera

Put your mind at ease when you are away from home. Samsung smart home camera is a device that can help you monitor home anytime from anywhere. The device comes with features like motion detection, night vision up to 50ft and has full HD resolution.  Be it, kids or thieves, you can have a check on them while sitting in your bedroom.

4) Logitech Harmony Hub

This device allows you to control most of the smart devices with a single touch. From smart lights, TV cable, gaming console to your thermostats, you can control everything with Logitech harmony hub. You can combine up with eight remotes and is also easy to use.

5) Nest Learning Thermostat

The handsome Nest works with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa and controls your home heating system. It allows you to set your heating up remotely from a smartphone using its app, while also learning your energy routines as it goes. So having this at your home allows you to feel comfortable every time you enter the home. 

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