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Magic Vision Control Wipers will improve driving visibility
And make driving safer
Jane Wise
By Jane Wise
Jan 25, 2018

Drivers often face a temporary blurry view when they try to brush off  obstructions stuck on the windshield. The splash of water from the sprayers on the hood blast onto the windshield and impedes vision at the exact moment that drivers are trying to improve it.


Mercedes-Benz came up with the Magic Vision Control Wipers to tackle just that. Washer and wiper are combined into the blade to replace conventional spray nozzles. A duct system will take washer fluid directly to the wiper blade, where the wiper fluid are sprayed out from many small laser-cut holes. The fluid will be precisely ejected to the front of the wipers and onto the windshield. And the wiper blade at the same time will sweep across the surface to in either direction.


In addition, the system comes with three partly autonomous programs for summer, winter, and cabriolet driving. It will work in accordance to outside temperature and automatically adapts washer fluid quantity to surrounding conditions. For instance, the embedded heating system will eject warm fluid to remove frost/snow/ice  or foreign objects by melting or softening them, making sweep-cleaning more effective. Moreover, it is estimated the Magic Vision Control saves about 50% washer fluid than conventional windshield wiper system.


Currently the Magic Vision Control Wipers only work on compatible Mercedes-Benz models that are usually pre-installed with the system. We do not have the exact quote but have learned from other sources that a pair of replacement blades cost 95 Euros, equivalent to 118 US dollars at current exchange rate. 

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