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Nintendo Labo: next level interactive gaming
A cardboard box by thinking outside the box
Jane Wise
By Jane Wise
Jan 19, 2018

Nintendo's obsession with adding accessories to the main console is again alive.  But this time, better and more creative than the needless Wii controllers of various forms. Nintendo Labo brings a more interactive yet educational gaming experience powered by DIY cardboard kit.

By paying a hefty amount of money for the unusual ingenuity, you will get the Variety Kit for $69.99, which comes with 5 toy-cons and the software to realize interactive game play. Or you can spend $79.99 for the Robot Kit to put together a gigantic robot suit to wear and become the on-screen robot that smashes down buildings and shoots down the foes in the game.


But how is that possible to transform a virtual game experience to real life physical actions? The whole idea is using the right Joy-Con's IR camera to pick up the internal workings of the completed Toy-Con and translate them to the software, which can later reacts to the sensed movements and yields stimulation accordingly. Thus you have your cardboard piano that plays the right tune, and motor bike that runs fast and furious. But first, get your own Nintendo Switch that comes at $299.


These two Nintendo Labo kits will launch on April 20. But before that two separate Labo Studio events will respectively take place in New York City on Feb 2-3 and San Francisco on March 2-4.Parents with 6-12 year-olds can sign up for these events on Nintendo's website. 

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