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A fresh camping experience with these campers
VW DoubleBack, Combi-Camp Trailer Tent and Alu-Cab Ossewa Camper
Jane Wise
By Jane Wise
Jan 22, 2018

Being outdoor means simplicity, spontaneity and ultimately, freedom. The following vehicle, accessory and conversion take you closer to the off-road nature with a basket of convenience and utilities attached.


VW DoubleBack 

The VW DoubleBack Camper is based on a the VW Transporter with conversions specially tailored for camping in an off-grid setting. This camper sleeps 4 people, with two in the tent that opens upwards from the roof and the rest in the pop-out "pod" that extends 6 feet out from within the vehicle. The extension "pod" is able to hold up to 1300 pounds in weight on the supporting legs. The camper is also equipped with a full kitchen.


Combi-Camp Trailer Tent

When you are out camping, how much comfort you will collect in this trip depends on how much living space you have. Instead of dragging a caravan that is bulky, heavy and little adjustable space, having this trailer tent could be a better option. The tent unfolds from the trailor within minutes and expands into a large living compartment with two beds and storage units under the beds.


Alu-Cab Ossewa Camper

Alu-Cab is a South African company specializing in pick-up camper. With vast experience to cater constantly-updated needs in Africa, the Ossewa Camper has almost everything for surviving outside civilization. It is equipped with two double beds (one on the roof that opens upwards and one in the lower trunk area) for 4 sleepers, a full kitchen opening up from the left side door with retractable countertop and even a refrigerator, a fresh water shower on the right with a 90-litre freshwater tank, gas boiler and shower enclosure. The camper also comes with table, chairs, shadow awning and a lot of storage space.

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