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Gadgets for safe-cycling in low light
Be seen. Be safe.
Jane Wise
By Jane Wise
Jan 21, 2018

The rule of thumb for cycling at night, whether you are exercising or commuting, is making your presence more visible to those who are also sharing the road. And in this case the more lights on the cyclists, the better.  And we manage to get some gadgets that can potentially keeper you safer in low light conditions.


Zackees Turn Signal Gloves

Many bike-involving accidents occur because cyclists switch lane or take a turn outside the rear drivers' expectation, especially on dark roads. Zackees Turn Signal Gloves are built with a pair of giant flashing arrows on the back of each hand to signal turning. Two thin metal plates between thumb and forefinger triggers the flashing arrow when clicking together, and alert the vehicles behind you that you are making a turn. All you are doing is lift up your arm and press the plates together. Nine ultra-bright LEDs will work together to flash up  the turning arrow. And the gloves can also be used to notify front approaching vehicles when you are turning at an intersection. Skaters and runners may also find the gloves useful in low light conditions.


Lumos Helmet​

The Lumos Helmet is integrated with super bright white LEDs in the front and solid red LEDs in the back to ensure you stand out on the road. Triangular shape of the back lights help others gauge their distance from you better. Turn signals are also in place and can be activated by clicking the L/R buttons installed on the handle, which can also track you speed and automatically warns behind vehicles if the bike is slowing down.


Noxgear illuminated and reflective vest

The light weight vest maximize your visibility in the dark by being illuminated and reflective with multi-color LEDs. It is designed to catch attention of the distracted drivers with software-controlled 360 illumination modes that combine flash, strobe and blink modulation across a range of colors.


Aster cycling backpack

Indiegogo-featured Aster cycling backpack is a great idea that incorporates safety measures for cyclists riding in the dark. As the company says on the website, "Aster’s rear and profile lights make you visible to motorists from all sides, front lights signal your presence in rear-view mirrors and automatic brake lights help you avoid getting rear-ended. Integrated turn signals make sure that drivers around you know when you’re making a turn. With a USB-rechargeable 4,000 mAh in-built battery, Aster can light up 10-15 hours of your commute under normal conditions". Yet, the product seems to bear the same problem that's been plaguing many crowdfunding campaigns: delivery. 

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