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The Blocks Smartwatch is a different kind of smart
modular instead of standalone
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Jan 20, 2018

A Blocks Core looks like your everyday Android smart watch but it’s not. It’s actually running something called Android 8.0 Oreo. It is similar in that you do swipe up and down, and left to right, on the interface to reach your desired menu items. And it will also do the basics, like show you your smartphone notifications, step tracking, and give you access to Alexa, your personal assistant. With its elegant watch design and stainless-steel casing, you are bound to love the way it looks and how durable it is. You can also, like on many smart watches, change the strap to fit your desired style.

So, what makes it different you ask? Well, we are happy you did because it really is special. It’s a modular smart watch that requires you to plug in little modules into its strap to increase your watches functionality. The possibilities or number of modules are infinite. The modules fit into the watch face and into each other – think USB’s linked into one another, that almost look like they are the links of a metal watch. This means that you can swap in features as you go. Going Camping? Need the Adventure module? No problem. Headed to the gym and need to monitor your heart rate? Easy. This watch is incredibly simple to use.

Currently available in phase 1: GPS, Heart Rate Sensor, Extra Battery, Environment Sensor, Flashlight and Programmable Button. Phase 2 and 3 will see the addition of so much more and definitely something to stay tuned for.

Because of its simplicity the creators want to encourage people to build their own modules and use their interface as a place to run it. Creating a watch that you can’t live without.

Blocks Core retails at $260 USD and is currently available for preorder.  To get a pack of 4 modules it costs 140 USD so for $400 dollars you get smartwatch that is customizable to you and evolves as you need it to.

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