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Now in Tech: 1/18/2018
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Liz Page
By Liz Page
Jan 18, 2018

South Korea considers closing domestic cryptocurrency exchange

In the middle of the craze of cryptocurrencies, South Korean government is now considering shutting down domestic exchanges due to excessive speculation and the digital currencies' involvement in money laundering and crime-related transactions. The market has been plagued by the news lately and has seen plunge in major cryptocurrencies.

Apple promises $350 billion investment in US economy

Apple will commit $350 billion investment over five years to US economy, of which $55 billion will be introduced this year to add 20,000 new jobs in this time frame.


Ledger becomes the leader in digital currency wallet

After raising another $75 million for Series B, Ledger, the French startup who has been bringing some of the most secure hardware wallets to the market, is now the leading company in the cryptocurrency wallets. The company sold over 1 million hardware wallets in 2017, compared to only 30,000 in 2016. The money raised will be used for leveling up production and catching up with back-order issues.


Sweatcoin: earn coins as you work out

Sweatcoin is dedicated to rewarding users who actively exercise. Users sign in to the app, which is hooked with their smartphones' fitness feature and GPS, and get 0.95 "Sweatcoins" for every 1,000 steps logged. The coins can later be spent on fitness gear, workout classes, and gift cards.

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