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OC Robotics Snake Arm
Reaching the unreachable
Jane Wise
By Jane Wise
Jan 18, 2018

Industrial constructions and projects are generally grand. Yet the key to successful operation depends on little details that are often no easy access for inspection and maintenance. The snake robotic arm invented by OC Robotics provides an effective solution to access confined and hazardous space that is off limits to conventional human or machines.


Designed to be slim and flexible, the snake arm can skillfully fit and move through small gaps in between industrial objects.  The snake-like wriggling movement is attributed to the mechanical power provided by maxon motors (located in an actuator at the base of the robot) and self-supporting joints to stabilize continuous changes of directions. 


After the "twisted" journey and finally reaching at the designated area, the robot is then able to perform various tasks as the "snake head" can be customized with various tools for different applications such as inspection, maintenance, laser-cutting.

The snake-arm has found applications under a number of circumstances: nuclear plant inspection and decommissioning, construction declogging and drilling , aerospace maintenance and  security threat inspection and removal. The use could be furthered into rescue missions. The OC Robotics has become the leading robotics manufacturers around the world since its inception in 1997. The company was acquired by GE Aviation for a undisclosed amount in Jun 2017. 

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