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These gadgets help to keep your home clean
My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance -- Erma Bombeck
Jane Wise
By Jane Wise
Jan 17, 2018

CleanStep Shoe Wrapping Machine

The CleanStep shoe wrapping machine automatically puts covers on your shoes. By stepping down on the pad, a pre-placed film sheet will shrink around the edge and seal the dirty bottom of your shoe upon heating. Easy and quick compared to traditional shoe protector or plastic which you have to wear with a lot more manual effort. It is readily adoptable in home, leisure, business and hospital settings where a clean floor is a requisite for health purposes.


Tyroler Glider

This incorporation of strong magnets into a gadget is a genius idea to clean the outside of a window, which is usually no easy access. The Gliders come in three different models to accommodate different window thicknesses from 4mms to 28 mms. Attach the Glider from both sides of the window and simultaneously clean the inside and outside by gliding over the surface. The Glider also has four wipers layered to spread the cleaning liquid evenly across the window glass.



This standing vacuum was originally designed for hair salon where staff constantly have to remove hair off the floor, but now finds its place in a home setting. Activated by an infrared sensor and powered by a 1000 watt motor, the vacuum automatically sucks in the debris that is swept in front of it and returns clean air through its HEPA filters. The company lists a number of benefits including no more bending over that causes back pain, good for parents and pet owners who always face a mess or a floor with pet hair. And a couple of reviews from our research show the vacuum really "SUCKS" thanks to its powerful motor. It even takes in metals without damaging the motor.


Lynx Dock Home Cleaning Set

This four-in-one cleaning tool set satisfies your cleaning needs with easy assembly and switch. The pole snaps tight and easy onto the broom or mop heads. And it only occupies minimal space in the corner in a tidy and organized fashion. 

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