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CES 2018 Highlights: Cool Products We Saw at the Show
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Aaqib Javeed
By Aaqib Javeed
Jan 16, 2018

The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which concluded last week drew some 4,000 exhibitors from dozens of countries and more than 170,000 attendees, showcased some of the latest from the technology world. Thousands of products were introduced during one week in Las Vegas, however, there are a handful of new devices that are a cut above the rest.

Here is the list of seven interesting new products from CES 2018.

Lenovo Smart Display

At CES 2018 Lenovo announced Google Assistant-powered Smart Display more attractive than Amazon Echo Show. Unlike Amazon’s device, the new Lenovo Smart Display can play YouTube videos and has a more polished design that more easily blends into the home. It features a screen and speaker as well as a microphone to accept user questions and commands.

The Smart Display is powered by the newly announced Qualcomm Home Hub Platform with an integrated CPU, GPU and DSP along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. It will be available by mid-2018.

Sony Aibo robodog

Aibo is back after more than 12 years. The new and improved Sony Aibo has been getting a lot of attention at CES this year with its features like advanced sensors, better AI, and a friendlier design. Marketed as “entertainment robots,” AIBO is undeniably cute and can also detect words of praise, smiles, petting, and other human interactions. At present, it’s only available in Japan at killer $1800 price-tag.

Kuri Home Robot

Kuri, the adorable home robot from Mayfield Robotics, was also among the most popular gadgets at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. It was developed to act as a virtual member of the family. The little robot features touch sensors, expressive eyes with a built-in camera and has the ability to communicate via onboard speakers, microphones and gestural motion actuators. At this point, the robot mostly seems like a glorified combination security camera and smart speaker on wheels.


Sony WF-SP700N Truly Wireless Earbuds

At CES, Sony revealed new earbuds with totally wireless called the WF-SP700N which feature active noise cancellation and Google Assistant capability. They’re also designed to be sporty and cater to those who don’t want to forfeit quality sound just to ensure that earbuds won’t be damaged by a little sweat, rain, or water spillage. The company says the WF-SP700N will ship this spring and is priced at $180 to grab a pair. It will be available in four different colors including White, Black, Yellow and Pink.

ForwardX Self-driving Suitcase

China’s ForwardX Robotics has developed a ForwardX self-driving suitcase that uses cameras and AI to avoid crashes and can roll alongside its owner at speeds up to 11 kilometers (6.8 miles) per hour. It is designed to be used with facial recognition, without need for a smartphone application. "It uses computer vision and a driving algorithm to have a clear path," said founder Nicholas Chee, who showed a prototype at CES. It also has gesture control technology and can be immobilized to protect against theft. It is slated to roll out in in mid-2018 at a price under $1,000.

3D Face Scanner

Bellus3D has unveiled its 3D camera scanner which allows you to create a 3D mask of your face. The high-quality face-scanning camera for mobile device or tablet uses AI to create a high-resolution and accurate face model in seconds. The images can be shared or used to help a person find the right makeup products. It is available for preorder now for $499.

Kolibree Smart toothbrush

Many smart toothbrushes were introduced at CES including the Magik model from Kolibree. The company says the product is the first interactive toothbrush that uses Augmented Reality to motivate and educate kids to better brush their teeth. It records user movements and shows the child – in a fun, interactive way - the best ways to brush.
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