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Now in Tech: 1/16/2018
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Liz Page
By Liz Page
Jan 16, 2018

Democrats just one vote away to bring back net neutrality

Chuck Schumer, the senate minority leader says the Democrats are just one vote away to restore net neutrality as they now have 50 votes (49 Democrat and one Republican vote) for a Senate resolution to of disapproval to bring back the Open Internet Order of 2015, which was repealed by Ajit Pai led FCC last month.


Danish police bring 1000 people to justice thanks to Facebook

After receiving a notification from Facebook on a sex clip of underage teenagers, Danish police moved ahead and charged 1,004 people who participated in distributing this illegal video on Facebook Messenger.



Big center display coming to 2019 Ram

Powered by the fourth generation of  Fiat Chysler's own infotainment software, the 2019 Ram is equipped with a Tesla-like center display, a 12" touchscreen that supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in the dashboard.



Ford to splash $11 billion on electric vehicles

Ford is putting a massive $11 billion investment on production of electric vehicle technology by 2022. This bid will lead to the appearance of 16 fully electric cars by Ford in the next five years. The first one is expected to roll out in 2020.


China's rocket booster almost hit a small town

A recent clip shows a Chinese rocket booster deviated from original landing area and fell on a hill next to the small town. This is not the first time Chinese space mission has endangered public safety, with the most notorious incident where a rocket directly shot to the town of Xichang in 1996, killing 6 and injuring a dozen. 

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