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Quicksafe: hide your valuables in plain sight
Locked and secure. Hidden in plain sight. Immediate access.
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Jan 14, 2018

Quicksafes are exactly that – QUICK. Keep your valuables, and/or your handgun in a hidden and safe compartment. Quicksafes work with RFID technology where you simply touch your sensor key to the Quicksafes secret access point and the safe will unlock, you always have immediate access. Quicksafes are either built into a decorative shelf, available in several colors, or into an everyday looking vent. They match seamlessly into your interior, so much so that intruders will never even know they are there. But do keep in mind the safe runs on electricity as there is one battery installed internally and an external backup one in case you neglect changing the internal batteries. You will still be able to use the external backup module to activate and access the safe.

The Quicksafe Shelf retails at $259.99 and the vent can be yours for $249.99 on its official website.

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