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The Best VR Products from CES 2018
Unlock the doors to a virtual world
Aaqib Javeed
By Aaqib Javeed
Jan 12, 2018

1) HTC Vive Pro

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HTC has been on the market for so many years and has offered some good products to the consumers. The Vive Pro is HTC's upgraded VR headset, with a higher resolution, improved ergonomics, and built-in headphones. It is also wireless and easy to carry. For using the wireless feature a battery is also available with the product. Another big change is the introduction of wireless support through the new Vive Wireless Adapter. The product comes with dual OLED displays with 2880 x 1600 (1400 x 1600 per eye, and 615 PPI) resolution for clearer text rendering and better graphics. The company has not given the price and release date of the product.


2) Looxid VR

Looxid VR is a brain-monitoring VR headset that will track your eyes and your brain. It features built-in eye-tracking cameras and EEG sensors, allowing the headset to monitor the vision and brainwave activity of a user. LooxiD VR was named CES 2018's most innovative VR product. The phone-based headset created by Looxid Labs will begin for pre-order on February 1 this year and the price has not been disclosed by the company so far.

3) Meshroom VR

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The Meshroom VR is one of the best products launched at the CES 2018 event because of its extraordinary features. The product allows the user convert a drawing into a one to one model that users can interact within virtual reality. The product will give a virtual glimpse of the product you are designing.  If you are interested to buy this VR tech, it's not cheap as the Meshroom license is worth $2,700 USD for a year. But at the same time for startups it can be a good investment that could save them thousands of dollars by avoiding creating product prototypes.

4) Pimax VR


Image source – android headlines

Chinese companies have always been on the front line when it comes to introducing good products for the consumers. This time at CES 2018, a Chinese startup has introduced an 8K virtual reality headset with 3840 x 2160 dual displays the VR will allows users to experience VR with Peripheral vision while solving the problem of screen door effect and motion sickness. The pricing and shipping details of the product have not been announced, however, the pre-order will start in May.

5) Lenovo Mirage VR

Image source – android headlines 

The much-anticipated world’s first standalone Daydream VR headset launched by Lenovo called 'Lenovo Mirage Solo VR headset' at CES 2018. The product is easy to wear and has about seven hours of battery life on a single charge. The headset will run on Google Daydream software which means that it will have access to VR games and apps. The Mirage Solo is expected to cost under $400.

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