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Now in Tech: 1/11/2018
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Liz Page
By Liz Page
Jan 11, 2018

An electronic show without electricity

It is a bit ironic that an electronic show does have electricity. But again irony knows no bounds and CES was embraced by a blackout. The power out took place at the Las Vegas Convention Center and attendees have been evacuated from affected space including LG, Samsung, Sony and others.


Overstock and Coinbase mixed up Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash


Overstock, an online retailer suffered a nasty technical flaw because Coinbase's bug  mixed up Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The glitch let overstock users pay in Bitcoin Cash and get refunds in Bitcoin without adjusting the difference in value. Currently Bitcoin stands at around $14,500 and Bitcoin Cash is worth nearly $2,700, which the difference leads to a 70% discount on any item paid with Bitcoin Cash.


Dell branching out to jewelry

Credit: digitaltrends

Dell partnered with Nikki Reed, the Twilight actress to offer 12- 18 carat gold rings, earrings and cuff links. The jewelry line is called "the Circular Collection" and  is recycled from used Dell computer motherboards. It is estimated only 12.5% of e-waste gets recycled each year, resulting in approximately $60 million in gold and silver lost in old phones alone.


Comcast Ventures bidding on the future of blockchain

Credit: CoinSpeaker

Comcast Ventures, the investment branch of Comcast, is going into blockchain in 2018. This move is reportedly not opportunistic but a calculated decision that hopes to cash out Comcast's long standing interest in real-world applications of blockchain.


Warren Buffett's verdict on the future on cryptocurrency


In a recent interview with CNBC, Warren Buffett says " In terms of cryptocurrencies, generally, I can say with almost certainty that they will come to a bad ending" and suggests he could "buy a five-year put" on the new coins. 

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