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Small or big, these furnishings free up space in your home
Solutions for space starvation
Jane Wise
By Jane Wise
Jan 11, 2018

Parisot Space Up Bed

A cunning redesign to turn your bed to a roomy storage unit by simply lifting up bed platform. What can be filled into the space? It's all about your need and imagination. This bed especially caters to the need for a closet in a narrow studio apartment. It also carries a side shelf both for climbing up the high bed and exhibiting personal items.  The Parisot Space up Bed is priced at $999 for the whole set up from various online vendors but mattress is not included. You do need to assemble the bed yourself, which according to some verified buyers could be a two-person job at least because of its size of weight.

The hidden door match the surrounding tiles and keep plumbing inside. This is created by a Russian guy who we can only find his Instagram for direct contact. The service may not be readily available in your area but at least the idea is replicable to your current or future home furnishing plans. If you can read Russian, go to for more information.


Legrand pop-out outlet

Plug in from all three angles to power your home appliances or electronic devices. The outlet pops in and out on a simple push. Hide it when not needed. It starts at $60.48 on Legrand official website.


The Snap Jack System

It is a table and chair system designed to free up your space when they are not in use. How to operate the system is really straight forward: gently pull the units out to set up meal and stow away the table and chairs to the wall to reclaim the area. Apart from functionality, the whole system can add up elements of art to your home by having an aesthetic painting printed on the base. The craft shop is based inNew Zealand and the products are only available for shipping in New Zealand. But you may still go to its website to check them out.


Cabinet Bed

It is an effective solution if your home is extremely space challenged or you want to have an additional bed for "just in case". Roll out the lower "drawer" to extend the base, fold out the upper "drawers" to hold the mattress. There you have a bed to crash for the night. We did not get a quote from its official website, but through Google search it appears the price for Cabinet Bed starts from around $1600. 

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