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Razer's Project Linda: A concept to integrate phone into laptop
Cool idea, but is Razer writing another check it cannot cash?
Jane Wise
By Jane Wise
Jan 10, 2018

We are no strangers to Razer's laptop and accessories, especially for gamers. With the release of the Android Razer phone, the company steps up the game and produces a hybrid prototype to house a phone in the laptop for CES 2018.

Credit: Cnet

Instead of a laptop just being a laptop and a phone just being a phone, Project Linda has a dock specifically for the Razer phone to sit in and work with the laptop. The 5.7-inch glass will be more than a glorified trackpad. It rather holds the key to the performance of the whole unit. As the laptop base has no processor nor other key components, it basically serves as a keyboard, a battery, a 13" display and an additional 200G internal storage. The "shell" only becomes alive after the phone is fitted to the dock,  powering the laptop on its Android software.

A number of tech media tested out this prototype on site. According to theVerge "the display is only able to mirror the phone in its current state, instead of displaying two different screens". And the lack of physical clicking on the touchpad is somewhat counter-intuitive to current user habits. Yet the demo applications did work on the spot, suggesting possibility for future extension of Razor phone capabilities to the concept laptop.

In essence, Project Linda a "laptop-ised" Android tablet. So far the project is still in very early stage with no information on release date or price. And it will not be a surprise if Project Linda fails to hit market, as Project Valerie and Project Christine have remained dormant, if not utterly discontinued, after previous CES showings. So let's just call it a cool idea and not get too excited for now. 

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