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Now in Tech: 1/9/2018
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Liz Page
By Liz Page
Jan 09, 2018

Zuma payload lost from latest launch

Credit: popularmechanics

The Zuma payload launch appeared a success for SpaceX in the beginning, but is now believed to be lost due to failure to detach from the rocket in the second stage of launch. The payload is rumored to be a U.S government spy satellite potentially worth of billions. SpaceX had lost a billion-dollar worth Facebook satellite in 2016. The latest update from SpaceX suggests the fault lies with its launch partner Northrop Grumman or the payload itself.


The birth of a new unicorn

Credit: Small Business Trends

With a new round of investment of $40 million led by Sequoia China, Canva, a graphic design software provider from Australia, is anointed the latest unicorn in the market. The company grabbed nearly 300,000 paying users and attained profitability following a surge in growth in 2017.


Ex-employee sues Google for reverse discrimination


James Damore, a fired Google engineer, files a class action lawsuit against his ex-employer for discrimination against people who holds opposite political views to company board. Damore was fired last summer after he posted a memo on Google's internal message board, arguing women's biological inferiority determined their under-representation in tech world. He maintains Google's deliberate attempt to include under-represented population to achieve diversity is an illegal hiring practice. The lawsuit is taken to Santa Clara Superior Court in Northern California


Samsung to rake in huge profit

Credit: Askwiki

Samsung estimates to have a record profit from the fourth quarter of 2017. The number amounts to $14.13 billion, a handsome 64% increase in profit from same period of 2016. The strong performance is accredited to sales of chips, OLED screens and other components.


Didi has a new competitor in ride-hailing market

Credit: The Bridge

Meituan, a Chinese group buying website focused on localized customer services (more well-known for its ubiquitous food delivery services in China), is moving to ride-sharing business in China as the official launch is set on Jan 12th, 2018. The ambitious move inevitably declared war on Didi Chuxing, China's ride-hailing hegemon now looking for global expansion. 

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