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The FoldiMate: A machine that folds your clothes
If you hate folding laundry, you will probably love it
Jane Wise
By Jane Wise
Jan 09, 2018

CES has come again this year with way too many inventions to "free up people's time". And our pick for the day is the FoldiMate, as our Facebook channel manager has so hated folding clothes himself.

FoldiMate, previously appeared on CES 2016, made a return this year with a sleek new design. The folding machine resembles and functions just like a giant copier. Feed your clothes into the slot and let the machine do the rest. It can fold shirts, buttoned-up blouses and pants of basically all sizes. And the new model includes towels and pillowcases to its duties. On average the machine is able to fold up to 40 pieces in less than five minutes, possibly beating most human folding experts.


Nontheless, the new FoldiMate does exclude some features from previous generation, such as de-wrinkling and fragrance. And the laundry folding helper cannot accommodate baby clothes that are too small or bulky apparels. 


The new FoldiMate is now only a sleek prototype as the official launch is expected to be in late 2019. It is marketed at the price of $980 but early pre-orders can get a 10% discount, according to its website. If you find laundry folding a revolting chore just like our Facebook manager and have enough laundry area to stuff in another copier-sized appliance, FoldiMate could be your rescuer.


But how would I know? I will be chained to coin laundry and self folding for a long time to come. 

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