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Now in Tech: 1/8/2018
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Liz Page
By Liz Page
Jan 08, 2018

GoPro quits drone business

Credit: Techcrunch

After reportedly cutting 200-300 employees from drone product line, GoPro officially announced it had cut its drone division. Following a tough financial year in 2016, GoPro's first and last drone (at least for a foreseeable future timeline) Karma continued to "face margin challenges in an extremely competitive aerial market" in 2017. It was outrivaled by competing companies like DJI at the same time, leading to the eventual demise of Karma.


Zuma launched

SpaceX successfully launched Zuma, a secretive spacecraft commissioned by US government for an undisclosed mission.  Hmm, what could it be???


Tile collaborates with Bose

Credit: What Hi-Fi

Tile, the lost item finder, partners with Bose to help users locate their Bose headphones via app. The headphone will be ringed with progressive volume once the find-feature is activated.


China rumored to close bitcoin mining

According to a leaked documentary from China's internet finance regulator, the Chinese government will clamp down the country's bitcoin mining industry, mandating an "orderly exit" because the miners have "consumed huge amounts of resources and stoked speculation of virtual currency". China is now generating 75% of world's bitcoin supply. 

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