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iceScreen: a winter blanket for car windshiled
Throw away that scraper
Jan 07, 2018

For those who frequently park on street or driveway in the winter, the iceScreen can save yourself some hassle in scraping ice and snow off the windshield next morning, especially when you are in a hurry. 

It works with a simple snap. Seven strong magnets covered in fabric will attach the IceScreen to your car. The flaps on the side are tucked in car doors for added wind and theft protection. When you are ready to go, simply pull it off and you are good to go. No ice and snow left for you to manually scrape off.  After you are done with the winter, you may still use the other side of the screen to block direct sunlight. It folds compactly into a pouch for easy storage. The company also have mirror mitts to prevent frosting on side mirrors.


And yes, you can use a towel or a blanket or big enough tarp to create a barrier between the windshield and snow, which can be just as effective according to some folk wisdom. But some things to keep in mind when ridding ice off your car:

  1. The key is to separate moisture and frost from making direct contact with the windshield
  2. Don't use hard and sharp material which can later scratch your paint or windshield.
  3. Prolonged warming up your car in idle only harms the engine, thus not a recommendable way to melt sticking ice using air-conditioning. 
  4. Mixture of alcohol and water (usually 2:1 ratio) can temporarily rub off ice and frost on windshield and wiper blade. But your car might get re-frosting in extreme cold.

Who is going to miss the weird satisfaction of knocking ice off the car in the numbing cold?

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