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The Barnacle Parking Enforcement
Literally the biggest parking ticket you can get
Jane Wise
By Jane Wise
Jan 06, 2018

I am not proud of the fact that I used to and still sometimes park at unauthorized spots. I fancy the chances that "it will only take a minute" and "they cannot possibly come so quickly" But usually the cases are the line is  longer than expected in the coffee shop. And I take the walk of shame back only to find out a clamp on my wheel. And now a barnacle?

Some research tells me there are already municipalities deploying the Barnacle. At the weight of 20 pounds and stretching 3 feet wide and 22 inches tall, this yellow plastic unfolds and suck the hell to your windshield to block driver's vision. Oh yeah, it stays, with roughly 750 pounds of suction that is hardly possible to overcome by human effort. The built-in pump draws air from the suction cup and creates a vacuum in between. Nice try using the uncovered vision or sticking your head out of car window to navigate. An alarm will be automatically triggered if a movement is detected by the integrated GPS.

The only comfort comes from the fact that you don't need to wait one or two hours for the parking enforcement to come release your car (or worse if you have to go pick up your car at some towing stations 10 miles away). Just pay for the ticket on your phone and get a release code to yank it off. Return this damn thing within 24 hours and move on with your life.     

Alright, time for some objectivity. The Barnacle is vastly more convenient for both parking enforcement and violators in terms of time and resources. It offers efficiencies for parking enforcement, deployment and retrieval and makes the whole process more eco-friendly than traditional towing and wheel clamping. Less carbon emission, less maintenances and less storage space needed.


According to the DailyMailthe Barnacle is priced at $499 per unit and bulk orders of more than 10 units gets $20 discount per unit. 

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