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So what‘s the deal with "bomb cyclone"?
Is it as dramatic as it sounds?
Jane Wise
By Jane Wise
Jan 05, 2018

If you have not quite finished freaking out about the "bomb cyclone" that has been battering the East Coast over the week, relax, it's just another intensified winter storm that intends no apocalyptical scheme. And yes, meteorologists can be dramatic sometimes.

The real name of the referred "bomb cyclone" is Grayson,  the first winter storm of 2018.  The reason that people rushed to give it a new title is related to the storm's rapid change in central pressure.


The official term is explosive cyclogenesis or bombogenesis (still dramatic). "Bombing" in this context occurs when a low pressure system's (like a storm,  or in extreme cases hurricane where the region's atmospheric pressure is lower than surrounding area) central pressure drops 24 milibars (a unit measurement of pressure usually adopted by meteorologists) in 24 hours or less. It may not seem a big  change in numeric sense as the standard  surface pressure of the earth is 1013.2 millbars. But the drop could empower the system to pick up more air and gain strength to go a long long way.

So the evolution of winter storm Grayson to "bomb cyclone" is just like that. And not to worry, it is not a hurricane, though the bashing winds may sure feel like hurricane-calibre. 

Science-planation aside, it is still a dangerous weather condition.  Stay warm and stay safe on the road. 

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