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Now in Tech: 1/4/2018
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Liz Page
By Liz Page
Jan 04, 2018

Flaws in major chips to invite hacking

Credit: Hindustan Times

Several researchers discovered major flaws, known by the names Spectre and Meltdown in chips made by Intel, ARM and others could let hackers steal key information such as passwords and encryption keys from your computers and mobile devices. The chipmakers promise quick fixes are ready to tackle this vulnerability.


AT&T to bring 5G this year


AT&T is bringing real mobile 5G to 12 cities in late 2018, which will provide faster speed to realize 4K streaming and online VR/AR on mobile device. It is unclear which the targeted markets and models of devices are to first adopt this upgrade. Besides AT&T, other carriers are committed to their own 5G launch timeline, with Verizon testing 5G home broadband now, Sprint setting to launch a 5G network in 2019 and T-Mobile in 2020.


Nissan's Brain-to-Vehicle Technology

Credit: The Indian Express

Nissan, the Japanese automaker is researching a new technology to help drivers execute evasive maneuvers faster. This technology detects drivers' brain waves before driving hitting a brake, swerve or other evasive actions, and initiate those actions on a semi-autonomous vehicle 0.2 to 0.5 second in advance. This technology is still in very early stage of development.


Didi continues its global expansion


Didi Chuxing, China's biggest ride-sharing company bought controlling stake in 99, the leading ride-sharing app in Brazil for $1 billion. This investment is an extension of a global rivalry between Didi and Uber, as Didi's founder and chairment clearly stated in previous interviews, "Globalization is a top strategic priority for Didi".


Model 3 lagging in delivery in Tesla's record year


Tesla delivered more than 100,000 vehicles in 2017, hitting its annual projection. Yet the company is still severely lagging behind with its Model 3 deliveries as only 1,550 were in the hands of non-employee customers in Q3 and 2,425 were manufactured in Q4. Tesla is aiming to boost Model 3 production to 2,500 per week and ultimately reach 5,000 per week by the second quarter of 2018 to catch up with delivery schedules on hundreds of thousands of reservations. 

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