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Doona: The perfect solution for parents on the go
A car seat and a stroller in one
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Jan 04, 2018

The Doona is a car seat – with wheels. What? You ask. That’s right, you read it correctly for the first time. It’s a car seat with wheels giving parents the perfect mobility solution for their baby in and out of the car. It is your average safe car seat for infants ranging from newborns up to 35 lbs (13kgs).

Then right before your eyes with one simple motion your car seat turns into a stroller.  There are no extra attachments, no spare parts that need to be carried, and no worrying if you’ve put it all together correctly. Your baby is simply ready to go whenever you arrive and wherever you are going.  Not only are there benefits for you and the baby but the whole family too - the Doona frees up the trunk of your car allowing the whole family to profit with that extra space.

The Doona meets all US and EU safety requirements. And just to put your mind further at ease, since it will be carrying your most precious good, it was certified and tested for all of the following: an Infant Car Seat, a stroller, a reclined cradle (EU), a hand-held carrier (US), and approved for aircraft in both Europe and the USA, and made with the safest of baby materials.

The Doona comes in 9 different colors and has a range of accessories available specifically made for it making it possible to create your own unique look and style. Also available is a newborn insert making sure that the Doona can support and move your babe from day one and stick with you until it is outgrown.

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