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Some of the most interesting mechanical tools
Forever Its Mechanical
Ivan Leung
By Ivan Leung
Jan 03, 2018

Veolia Water Excavation Vaccuum

Minimizing the impact on the environment Veolia offers dry suction excavation and is used, for example, when power or gas lines are in the ground to minimize damage. Their DRYset truck has an airflow that is up to eleven times stronger then usual hydro trucks, making it 300% more productive.


 Hate chopping up your firewood now with the Splitmaster there is no need. This machine is a professional short log splitter of pieces up to 50 cm in diameter. With one stroke the the splitter can chop 18 short logs. That’s your fireplace – all set.

Screedsaver Max

The Screedsaver Max is the ultimate in screeding. Within an hour 7000 square ft (650m2) can be screeded making this one powerful machine at an affordable price. The best part is that it is controlled by a wireless remote.

Titan Leaf Pro

This industrial Leaf blower (vaccum) will have your sidewalks looking like its spring. No lingering leaves will be left behind.

Tanco Bale Wrapper

This professional bale wrapper makes wrapping large bales of hay easy! It helps farmers save time and allows them to focus on other tasks around the farm.

Egg Breakers

This machine is perfect for your bakery or confectionary by being able to break large amounts of eggs perfectly (over 3,000).  It can imitate the work of humans by even seperating the egg whites from the yolk. There will be shell in your cakes – guaranteed.

Mr. Manhole

Repair and level your manholes in a fraction of the time and cost. After using the Mr Manhole your streets will be leak free and manholes level – two of the largest issues facing manholes. This is a huge bonus for your local infrastructure.

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