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Ask not what your beer can do for you
Ask what you can do for your beer
Jane Wise
By Jane Wise
Dec 29, 2017

Beer is man's best bro, period. If you don't agree, talk to the following unsung heroes who put their own lives in danger to save the bro. 


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Ask not what the beer can do for  you. Ask what you can do for you beer.

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Yes Mr. President. And yes, we can!

As your best bro, every drop matters and no bro should gets spilled by some careless bartender. This company called Bottoms Up comes with a system that promises a kinder treatment to your precious draft beer while serving multiple glasses at the same time. 

The bottom of the cup is sealed with an FDA approved magnet. When a cup is placed on bottoms up dispenser, the nozzle lifts up the magnet and the dispenser automatically fills up the cup to the pre-programed amount without spilling over. From what I see, you get more beer with less foam, though some drinkers  love a first foamy sip. It can cater to other pre-mixed drinks but why should you even think of trying it? It's blasphemy.

And as your best bro, he should have his own space in a bro's home where it's cool and cozy. Especially when outside on a patio, a fridge is too far and a random cooler is too shabby. There comes HopfenHöhle Lift, a hidden underground cooler for your beer and your beer alone. Not much to describe the product apart from the fact that IT'S AWESOME. Warm beer no more and a cold one is always within reach while you are sunbathing on the patio. God bless whoever invented the beer elevator.

Last but not least, according to the bro code your best bro should learn to behave around your home and not trash the lids arounds for starters. If he is a slow learner, a nifty tool called DropCatch comes in handy, well, not so much as a cleaning lady but more like a showing collector. But as time passes by, you will find the lids remaining on the wall become a living memorial of  a lasting friendship. 

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