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This tire chain system helps you "get back on track" in winter days
Onspot Automatic Chain System
Jane Wise
By Jane Wise
Dec 28, 2017

Winter snow and ice are drivers’ worst nightmare.

 Reduced visibility

Battery failure


And the horrendous road conditions.

Even law enforcement and rescue truck can defeat their own service purposes and become a liability.

The need for a quick solution is especially urgent for heavy-vehicle drivers whose job is to ensure on-time delivery even under extreme conditions

In the end of the day, nobody wants to end up like this guy in his Smart.

This Swedish companyOnspot comes up with an automatic tire chain system to battle the icy snowy roads. 

Credit: Herald and News

The Onspot Automatic Tire Chain System increases tire traction with an uncomplicated yet reliable solution. By permanently mounting the system at an air cylinder on the vehicle,  the chain on the chain wheel starts rotating after making contact with the drive wheel when the system is activated. The contact between the tire and the chain creates enough centrifugal force to swing the chains out in the front and under the tire, ensuring sustained traction for the tire when the vehicle is moving. 

The benefits are pretty evident. The system reduces braking distance and works in all directions and ABS. It's all automatic after one-time installation so the driver doesn't have to get outside the cab to put on and off the snow chains. The chains are only used when required, which makes them last longer. Also, the system is light and customizable to a variety of vehicles: heavy trucks, pick-ups, ambulances, and vans. Fear the slopes no more when winter is coming.

But the company has cautioned users not to use deploy the system when stationary or cruising over 35 miles per hour, which is the maximum speed. And the system does not work well in deep snow (more than 6-inch deep) nor off-road conditions where the chains cannot spin freely. 

We did not find any information regarding how much the Onspot system costs on the official website, but learnt the price point is approximately $1,500 from a third party retailer. It is unclear how much more labor cost will incur during installation, which takes around 5-8 hours to finish according the Onspot's user manual. Interested parties and individuals can refer to their official website for more information. 

Our Verdict: From someone who lived in the Midwest for 5 winters long with occasional blizzard encounters, I find the system realistically useful for most bigger vehicles to hit the wintery road. It could've possibly gone outside some people's budget, given a set of snow chains are significantly cheaper. But for regular commercial or facility vehicle drivers, a handy snow-road solution can readily prepare you for the unprepared scenarios. 

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