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Now in Tech: 12/27/2017
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Liz Page
By Liz Page
Dec 27, 2017

Amazon Echo's app top in App Store

Credit: The Tech Portal

After Amazon’s Echo Dot had swept the holiday season gadget market and become the best-selling product, the companion app of Alexa-powered devices just clinched top seat on Apple’s App Store. This is pushed by millions of Alexa devices sold and indicates the coming of smart speaker era powered by cloud-based technology. 

FCC approves distant charging

Energous, a wireless charging tech startup just received approval from FCC, a step closer to bringing true wireless charging to public. Unlike the so-called “wireless charging” that still requires a contact surface, Energous will allow charging from up to 3 feet away to multiple compatible devices.

LeTV founder in trouble

Credit: South China Morning Post

Jia Yueting, the founder of LeTV, “China’s Netflix”,  is ordered by Chinese authority to return to China to answer debt questions. Jia arrived in the States this summer to “focus on Faraday Future”, an US based electric car startup founded initially as a part of the “Le Eco”, leaving behind a huge unanswered debt on the previously acclaimed company. 

China test electronic identification

China’s experimenting an electronic ID system on WeChat, the country’s biggest social messaging app with over 980 million users. It will allow citizens to verify identities through facial recognition. Combined with the widespread e-pay application already existing on the platform, China is one inch deeper in the mobile era. 

Uber left auto-leasing business

Uber is selling Xchange Leasing, its auto-leasing business which was announced discontinued in September, to, an auto-leasing startup. According to theVerge, Uber initially bought around 40,000 vehicles for Xchange Leaseing, but eventually underestimated the true average loss per vehicle, which turned out to be $9,000 compared to the $500 projection. 

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