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Hi-Lift First Responder Jack: The Choice for Extrication
A practical and low-cost jack with many possibilities
Jane Wise
By Jane Wise
Dec 27, 2017

Do you still remember when Achimedes bloated to the crowd “ give me a place to stand and I will move the earth”?  Of course he can’t. (Even if everything were ready for him to pull that off it would take him 30,000 billions years to pull that off but I digress). Yet the theory is sound and massively applicable. And we find something that can accomplish rescue missions that are just as important using the law of the lever: Hi-Lift First Responder Jack (FRJ).

Made of steel, cast iron and high-strength aluminum, the FRJ can lift, winch, clamp and spread up to 4,666 pounds in real situations on its own weight of 30 pounds, though it claims to have a tested capacity of 7,000 pounds. 

It has a 36 Sq inch base with aggressive teeth to that can firmly hold straps, chains, cribbing tools for base stabilization and different rescue situations. And a 360 pinnable rotation platform is in place to operate from different angle and directions. 

Designed for rescue purposes by firefighters, FRJ saves patients by enlarging compartments for extrication and removing obstructions in controlled manners while securing them by providing the ability to rapidly stop and stabilizing crushing forces. 

FRJ's versatility makes it an all-weather tool for fire rescue: structure fire, building collapses, daily emergency road rescues. Or even if your car is stuck in the mud on remote off roads, FRJ can come in handy by lifting your vehicle with ease. Not to mention it is only priced at a fraction of the expensive hydraulic rescue tools, making FRJ a budget yet reliable and useful option for fire rescues and individuals. 

Yet, the luminescent tapes that signal moving parts on the gear in low or no light condition, are reportedly a lot less durable and effective than the jack itself. The finish on the heavy duty product raises negative feedback from some customers who may have different expectations, and even one customer submitted an injury incident after using the FRJ resulted from the heavy paint finish. So after doing some research, we have a few safety precautions for interested buyers and existing owners:

Switching from raise to lower handle must be in neutral or up position;

Do not use cheat bar or extension;

Do not use it as a stabilization tool alone;

Always apply stabilization and chokes before using the tool;

Find a firm platform to base the FRJ;

Always remember to lift an inch, crib an inch;

Use straps and other tapes for controlled opening to prevent sudden popping of the object which FRJ is used upon.


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