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Now in Tech: 12/26/2017
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Liz Page
By Liz Page
Dec 26, 2017

Tech bros in prostitution scandal 

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According to Newsweek investigation,  multiple Amazon and Microsoft’s employees are involved in buying sex from trafficked sex workers. The  publication acquired public records of a 2015 sting operation from King County Prosecutor’s Office, revealing email exchanges between big tech firms’ employees and pimps, highlighting a growing sex industry affiliating to the tech boom in Seattle area.

Why 4K isn't enough

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4K is already mainstream as most new TVs output 4K resolution. But VR, 360 camera, PCs and gaming devices are emerging with the need to up the ceiling to deliver better visual experience. Check Cnet to find out why 4K isn’t enough.

Future for drone medical fleet

Image Credit: Afrika News

Zipline is a company that deploys drones to deliver emergency medical supplies to distant hospitals in need. It is now transporting 20% of national blood supply in Rwanda and expanding to Tanzania, where both countries have light aerial regulations to limiting unmanned flight experiments and businesses. Techcrunchconducted an interview with Zipline’s CEO on topics ranging from future autonomous infrastructure, government policy and tech innovation. 

Fitness wearables getting more useful

Image Credit: Real Property Management

Science show fitness trackers don’t work as results from various studies that conclude fitness trackers had no or inconclusive impacts on getting people to hit their physical benchmarks. However, Wired argues it is a result of delayed study on previous generation fitness wearables, as nowadays those gadgets have been transformed into a more personalized fitness tool to help users achieve realistic goals, and you should wear one anyways. Check Wired for details. 

Star Wars on ISS

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Astronauts on the ISS get a special present for Christmas besides watching the awesome sunrise on the real horizon on a daily basis and space walking from time to time: watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi. A zero gravity watching experience is epic, but could have already been ruined by the massive spoilers on the Internet. 

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