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Finger Pow is a snap-on charging system
But poses a trade-off between performance and convenience
Allen Reece
By Allen Reece
Dec 26, 2017

The sudden influx of numerous phone charging solutions, wireless charging, power banks, fast charging pad, and many more, hints the inevitability of a modern-day irrationality: nomophobia. The term is coined after people’s irrational fear of being unable to use their mobile phones at any time at any place.  This Kickstarter’s project, Finger Pow, may help to alleviate the anxiety by offering its own unique solutions.


The whole system comes with four charging packs, a charging base with a charging cable, and two magnetic adapters. Each individual charging pack can be swiftly attached to the magnetic adapters that are plugged to your smartphones, and juice up battery up to 25% in about 30 minutes.  The main selling point is its extreme portability. Unlike bulky conventional power banks, these compact modular packs can be easily fitted into your pocket all at once.  And of course, less hassle without the tangling cables and wires. The charging base, though not made as a power bank directly for the phone, carries a 5000 mAH battery that readily replenishes empty charging packs. And as the system is depicted in the promo video, it is an ideal choice for an outdoor setting and those who just can’t keep eyes off that 5-inch screen.


Yet the compact feature may put strains on charging efficiency. Each charging pack is said to carry 600 mAH for a complete 25% iPhone 8 charge up in 30 minutes, compared to a high-performance power bank’s 50% charge with the same time.  Moreover, the real capacity of a power bank is usually 2/3 of the theoretical capacity mentioned on the package, hence a 600 mAH charging pack’s real capacity may significantly deviate from its actual output.


What is more misleading on one of the promo videos is the gaming when charging. Usually battery life and heat don’t go together as heat may significantly affect battery life. Playing a big game and charging both yield considerable heat to batteries, and prolonging this combination of behaviors will only lead to more damage. While the picture of simultaneously charging and gaming is appealing to many mobile gamers who often face drained batteries, it is simply an unhealthy habit for your mobile device. Not to mention it does not look comfortable at all to play with an impediment lumping out from the device.


Final verdict: Finger Pow is not the typical power bank from which you can expect performance. It is a novel gadget meant for more freedom, more freedom, and more freedom, on which some people say you cannot put a price but I will keep my own reservations.


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