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Now in Tech: 12/25/2017
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Liz Page
By Liz Page
Dec 25, 2017

Not a UFO

SpaceX’s latest launch of Falcon rocket at Vandenberg Air Force Base left a ghostly trail in the evening sky of Southern California. Spectators captured this rare phenomenon and resorted to social media for clarification. And Elon Musk jokingly responded to the confused on Twitter, “ Nuclear alien UFO from North Korea”. 

AI chip startups are red hot VC targets

Nvidia’s stellar run in stock price this year has indicatively led a hot streak of funding to AI chip startups, companies that aim to produce the next generation hardware that will outperform current CPUs and GPUs to realize optimized inference and machine training. And big names like Google and Apple are also geared up for the race to develop their own versions of GPU. Click Techcrunch for more information.

Hotel in space

For those who love to stay on top floor of a hotel for a grander view, Roscomos, a Russian space company has just the thing for you. It plans to build a luxury hotel on the ISS250 miles high from sea level and charge individual guest $40 million for one to two-week stay. The spacewalk package will cost an additional $20 million. More details at popular mechanics.

Snowden's New Project

Edward Snowden, the famed NSA whistleblower launched the Haven app that turns your spared phone into a surveillance device. In the demonstration, the burner android phone installed with the app will track movement, light and sound that signal suspicious intrusion activities, log the records and alert owners via an end-to-end encrypted notification. 

Tech care for elder parents

What life is like if you have an elderly relative who you cannot stay on top of regularly but need to consistently know their wellbeing from distance? What part has technology fitted played into the aging communities? Wired presented a real story featuring an elderly family in Minnesota, a freelancer living in Mexico, and a Silicon Valley entrepreneur that come together to paint a possible fix to the dilemma but leave plenty to ponder over afterwards.

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