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FleetPlow Scraper System Helps Remove Snow from Trailer Top
And keeps other drivers safe on winter highway
Michelle Wang
By Michelle Wang
Dec 24, 2017

We love snow for many different reason, but it is nothing but a trouble maker on high way.  It temporarily blinds sight, and causes slippery surface which can lead to traffic jam, or worse, deadly accidents. And imagine a big block of snow, or even worse, ice, on top of a truck unexpectedly fly towards your car. It is a hit and miss chance, but can be disastrous. Studies have shown a large number of winter accidents are caused by flying snow and ice.

This is also a headache for many transport companies. Accidents means a large loss and liability issues involving fines and settlement agreements, which poses potential damage to brands. Even putting this aside, accumulation of snow on truck tops costs money, for example, four inches of snow will cost you about 1,800 pounds to 2,000 pounds, and it also impacts fuel efficiency.

For years, people choose to clear snow with shovels. It is time consuming, tiresome, and dangerous. Especially the vehicle has to wait before the first one is cleared, resulting in late deliveries. Until then the Pennsylvania-based Scraper System discovers a new way, the Fleet Plows, to quickly get trucks or trailers back on the road after snowstorms, which makes the traditional way a thing of the past.

The system can automatically clear piles of snow from truck tops within 60 seconds, thanks to the OneTap full automation technology. It locates the trailer, electronically lowers the plow in place, and signals the driver to drive forward. All the driver has to do is pressing the green light button. Let the system do the rest. After the snow is removed, the system is restored to full height and ready for the next truck to pull in.

To accommodate different requirements, the Fleetplows provides three models: portable, base-mount, and wide-spanner versions. The portable one is most popular, according to Scraper System because it comes with four 12-inch wheels on each corner, which can be rolled to different locations within facility, and reclaims space after winter has passed. While the base-mount is a base plate bolt-on system with fixed footers, perfectly suitable for transportation companies and alike. The wide-spanner model is for those who need wider entrance and exit driveways and throughways.

The Fleetplows is also designed for buses, coaches, vans, Conestoga trailers, tanks and other special vehicles with uneven roofs.

Fleetplows bears tremendous benefits and values for transportation companies. The efficient approach of automated snow removal from fleets helps protect your bottom line and reduces odds of an accident and liability risks.

However, when the winter has passed, these facilities become less useful. Even with the portable one, you have to get off the truck and install it first. It may take much labor to install such a heavy-duty chassis after all.  It is recommended to clear the snow buildup before hitting the road, but what if you are caught in a big snowstorm on the highway? So it may seem a practical equipment to ensure safety in snowy winter days, the seasonal nature of the product may dissuade potential clients from putting an actual investment.  

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