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Now in Tech: 12/22/2017
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Liz Page
By Liz Page
Dec 22, 2017

1. Good news on Tesla Model 3 batteries

Image Credit: Tesla

Tesla’s Model 3 warranty document shows promise on the car’s battery life, guarantting a minimum of 70% retention on the battery capacity over eight-year warranty or after 100,000 miles for standard batteries or 120,000 miles for long range batteries. 

2. First banking giant test water on cryptocurrency

Goldman Sachs is tapping into cryptocurrency by setting up a trading desk to serve clients’ increasing “client interest in digital currencies”. This move is reportedly still in early stage and expected to complete by June 2018. Check more at Bloomberg.

3. An online crane machine

You can now play real crane machine and catch toys on your computer and donate to charity. Liberty Games, a UK game room company connect a crane machine to the internet and let users to see and play by setting up livestream and remote control. Any prize won will be translated to real money and donated to a charity supporting homeless.Click theVerge for details. 

4. China's "credit of everything"

China’s new-born credit system is a structure that not only to build order in the financial sector but also a bid to reorganize society on a much bigger scheme. How does a company’s market ambition translate to an emerging societal institution of “credit for everything in your life”? Check Wired for Inside China’s Vast New Experiment in Social Ranking.

5. Google's executive chairman steps down

Image Credit:

Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, steps down to take over the company’s technical advisor and will remain on board of directors. 

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