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Transformable Designs to Improve Your Home Utility
New trends in home architecture
Michelle Wang
By Michelle Wang
Dec 22, 2017

Image Credit: twistedSifter

In the metropolis like New York and Hong Kong, when it comes to designing a house, architects tend to use each inch of land to its fullest, especially for space-challenged attics and apartments. They rack their brain to come up with ideas to save more space with the help of many intriguing furniture, such as wall bed. Innovation doesn’t end here. An Amsterdam-based architecture firm Hofman Dujardin breaks ground in architecture by creating the fold-out Bloomframe window that is like no others. Another similar case in point is Lifestyle’s retractable Garage Door Screen. 

The Bloomframe window is a heavy-duty window frame that converts to a balcony with a single push of a button. Just imagine it works like a Murphy bed. Press a button, the top window frame extends out to form a fence, and the lower one is pushed down to become the balcony floor. Then the window is turned into a balcony. The whole process takes only 55 seconds. If you want to step on the balcony, let the window fully expand.

It is really a luxury for those who live in Sweden where balconies are not introduced into their apartments due to historical building ordinance. It is also the case in Hong Kong. People who live in attics or apartments without balcony may welcome the news too. Without major restructuring of a house, the Bloomframe window expands your room space and enhances functionality whenever the weather is friendly. In other dwellings, like hotels, it offers an added value to the lodging services.

When the product was still a prototype, it netted numerous awards, including Wallpaper Design Award, and stirred big waves among the media. Now it has been installed in some buildings, exemplified by a building in Beijing where Fenestration Fair China were held. Hopefully, we will see more models to come.  

However, many doubt that whether the window is sealed well or sturdy enough to hold so many people. The company says, it follows Eurocode 8 during construction and uses special glasses. We are not sure whether what the company claims can convince customers.

Bloomframe aside, other companies are experimenting with its construction idea—transformable furniture. The Lifestyle’sgarage door screen is one of examples. This retractable glass door features a spring-loaded design, allowing for easy entrance and exit without having to retract the entire system.  Lift the screen up and enjoy the outdoors as you like, and then move it to the top roof and close the door.

And Brisacier transforms your roof window to a balcony at a simple push. No other words needed here, the whole system is as simple as it looks. Yet the ingenuity of the design benefits homes with an new found view on the upper story.  

These creations focus more on space and accessibility, revealing a new trend in architecture that moves from fixtures to transformable and adjustable structures. That will shape the future of architecture.

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