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Some of the Most Interesting Transportation Tools
It really is a mixed feeling
Wei Hui
By Wei Hui
Dec 20, 2017

GiGadget's FaceBook Channel has showcased us some of the most interesting transportation ideas, means, and solutions in 2017. We managed to pull data from our end and list the 7 most popular products featured on the channel. Let's go down the list and feel free to comment below.

1. Flying Hammock

Ever thought of going out with a flying hammock? The drone carries a man in a hammock, and takes him everywhere. It might just be an expensive practical joke to piss off pedestrians by occupying too much public space and polluting their ears with intolerable amount of noise. We do not condo any of those but the spirit is we make life more fun and more enjoyable, though at the expense of looking like a complete douche.

2. Hankook Tire

If I can be completely honest here, a motor-powered unicycle, a stroller and a go-kart does not at all fulfil any of my fantasies for a futuristic hot pursuit. But if this is the road our technology is leading us down, I reckon it is pretty cool to have something to take me up to my apartment on the 22nd floor when the elevator is broken.

3. Adult-sized Stroller


Let’s take a moment of silence for the childhood that is long gone, and crawl back into the stroller, pretending we are still cute and adorable. And next stop? Disneyland!  


4. Arcaboard

No, this is not what “Back to the Future” has left with us. At least not a flying mattress. I am trying to draw parallels to the movie and the only thing I can think of is flying is thing is probably as dangerous as time travel. As Dr. Emmett Brown famously put it, “Better that I devote myself to study the other great mystery of the universe: women!”.


5. Future Urban Public Transit

This is a great concept that seems to solve real traffic congestion problems in urban society. Yet I can’t help but picturing that thing (pardon my lack of vocabularies but I honestly do not know what to call it) accelerates, takes off to the sky high, vanishes in a flash and back to an unknown galaxy billions of light years away.

6. Hum Rider 

One first glimpse, it appears a unique way for that particular driver to beat rush hour or gridlock streets. Then I think it will be rendered useless if everyone starts installing the similar gear to their vehicle. So 1 point for creativity, -1 point for practicality and mass adoption, and 10 points for doucheness.

7. Kitty Hawk Flyer

It is something that I genuinely like to experience. The company that offers this flyer is called Kitty Hawk, backed by Google’s founder Larry Page. I am not exactly sure if the company’s name is a tribute to the Wright Brothers, who spent three years in Kitty Kawk in North Carolina to conquer powered flight. By the time the product hit market, I hope to have saved enough money, have paid for my Internet Fast Lane because you know why, and watch rich people lavishing on their vacation with this Flyer on YouTube.



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