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Now in Tech: 12/19/2017
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Liz Page
By Liz Page
Dec 20, 2017

1. Richard Branson’s Virgin hyperloop one renewed the record for hyperloop top speed at 240 miles per hour, 20 miles/hour faster than the speed record set by Elon Musk this summer. A hyperloop comprises a tube where a pod travels at high speed in a near-vacuum environment. The concept was first proposed and experimented by a joint team from Tesla and SpaceX.

Image Credit: YouTube

2. Amazon’s new Echo Spot just hit market and ushers in a plethora of reviews on the edgy Alexa device. Many applaud for a cheaper Echo with display, which can play video and make video calls but grudge over the fact that YouTube sources are excluded due to Amazon and Google’s ugly fight. And the small display offers little help to let users fully enjoy the experience. Check CNET for detailed review

Image Credit: Meida India Group

3. Fast Company listed the 25 Best new apps of 2017. The apps range from mobile devices to pcs and add color/enhance to your user experience by incorporating the latest technology such as AI, AR and virtual assistant. Check inside for more information.

Image Credit: IOTA Forum

4.According to MIT Technology Review, a newly emerged cryptocurrency called IOTA differentiates itself by creating a “decentralized data market” via collaborating with several big tech firms. It is a zero-fee based transaction depending on a mathematical concept called a directed acyclic graph to generate a “tangle” instead of a blockchain, outperforming BitCoin in terms of cost per transaction ($20) and transaction efficiency. This digital currency saw a recent jump in value, from $4billion to $10 billion.

Image Credit: Pixabay

5. Despite initial mocking and skepticism from the media prior to its appearance, AirPods have led a great sales performance since then. And for this Christmas season, the wireless earbuds will be out of stock from all the major online retailers, including Apple’s own website. The earliest date for shipping is pushed to January 5th, 2018. So fi you prepare to gift AirPods for your beloved ones during this holiday season, the chances are you may need to look at some other alternatives.

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6.’s cofounder and CTO Oldenburg admitted he had recently sold all of his Bitcoin “I would say an investment in bitcoin is right now the riskiest investment you can make. There’s an extremely high risk”. The problem with Bitcoin has become increasingly obvious due to high market demand, leading to a higher transaction cost and time. 



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