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This vest can help you survive a motorcycle crash
Helite Turtle Airbag Vest: A Lifesaver
Michelle Wang
By Michelle Wang
Dec 19, 2017

Motorcycling is cool, but sometimes can be a deadly hobby. The appalling data provided by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that the motorcycle crashes in 2016 reached a staggering number of 34,436, killing 37,641 motorists, which on average equates to 102 motorist deaths per day. Accidents happen in a flash. For riders, safety always comes as top priority, and equipping themselves with quality protection helmets or vests becomes the main concern.

Many vendors produce different types of helmets for head protection, while Helite opts for all-round protection by designing an airbag vest, called Helite Turtle. The Turtle is a portable airbag that you can wear. It works in the event of crash to protect riders with an inflated airbag. The technology behind this is the airbag.

The airbag is a type of vehicle safety device that functions only when crash occurs. Once the rider is ejected from the motorcycle, a spring-loaded piston is activated, piercing an integrated CO2 cabin that inflates air bladders under the vest. Like airbags used in cars, the inflated airbags provide layers of protection, greatly cushioning the impact on riders’ ribs, chest, spines, neck and back, and protecting them from a hard landing. The whole inflation deployment only takes 100 milliseconds, quicker than most of its counterparts.

Tether the leash to the seat, and buckle up. Even if you get off the motorcycle and forget to unleash, inflation process is unlikely to be triggered. It requires a huge force to pull the piston, which cannot easily be activated. 

Besides its protection mechanism, it never compromise on its comfort. It is lightweight, and can fit loosely on your jacket or T-shirt, giving you enough room to maneuver freely. According to the founder Helite Gerard Thevenot, what makes the Turtle special is its SAS-TEC back protection system that is tested by independent labs, universities, and many other certification authorities. The result is that the CE-compliant Turtle is testified to give optimal protection to users.

The Turtle is really a lifesaver, but only if you wear one. The Cycle World magazine reported in Nov. 2015, “In the world of MotoGP racing, since 2009, only one MotoGP rider using personal airbag deployment has fractured a collarbone, compared to 52 fractures in riders without such system. “ This provides testimony to effectiveness of the Turtle. Numerous reviews from customers also prove it a worthy investment. The Helite Turtle is now available in all sizes and styles and priced at about $600.

Given the odds of surviving a motorcycle crash and the devastating consequences of the unexpected accident, it is better to arm with a quality protection system like Helite Turtle.

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