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Now in Tech: 12/17/2017
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Liz Page
By Liz Page
Dec 17, 2017

1. Google continued its tradition and released the zeitgeist video for 2017 before the year officially draws to an end. The annual breakdown lists this year's search trend by engaging the question "how". And the answer seems to lie in the many thick and gloomy clouds where eventually shines hope. Take two minutes and look at Year in Search 2017.

2. Net Neutrality is officially dead, or at least this is the word on the street. Tech and telecom companies are reacting differently to this zero sum situation for obvious reasons. Take a look at what they have to say about FCC's decision

3. FireFox users are understandably upset after finding out the browser installed an unprompted add-on called Looking Glass without acquiring consent. The add-on is reportedly a promotional tie-in for the TV series Mr. Robot, ​which the company immediately fixed with an opt-in for installing before it went out of spiral. 

4. Denver Gingerich is the mastermind behind Sopranica, a website and project that aim to disrupt telecommunication market by providing surveillance-free mobile phone network. Check how this software developer's simple idea of making low cost phone calls evolved to an ambition to rival big names in telecom at Motherboard.

5. There is no definitive correlation between cellphone radiation and increased health issues. But California Department of Public Health just issued an advisory cautioning the residents to limit use of mobile device. The more important message is "keeping your phone out of pocket", which would actually be crueler than it sounds if one would follow the advice. 

6. More people are trying out weed as more states are legalizing it. But it is just as dangerous driving stoned as driving drunk. DRUID is an android app that helps determine if one is too stoned to get behind the wheels. 

7.Bitcoin is on its seemingly inexorable quest to $20,000. Should you consider to dive you thinking to yourself if it's not too late for a last piece of pie, Forbes takes you through the volatile journey of Bitcoin for a history lesson.

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