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Pyrolance Contains Fire with High Efficiency
Fight fire before meeting it
Tara Briggs
By Tara Briggs
Dec 17, 2017

Firefighters often act as pioneers and risk their lives when they rush to emergency reliefs, and easily get hurt or killed due to rampant fire. How to shield firefighters from possible danger while getting their job done efficiently becomes a common concern, especially for the firefighting industry. As the firefighting gear develops from a long hose, a well-equipped sprinkler system, to a cold cut system, the firefighter deaths are dramatically reduced. The cold extinguisher system originated in Sweden, and Pyrolance LLC brought this technique to the US in 2006. 


Combining abrasive water jet cutting with water spray extinguishing, the Pyrolance pierces through exterior structure, and injects high-pressure atomized water directly into the thermal layer. This allows firefighters to drill a small hole through the wall, and quickly cushion the fire with fine mists of water.


Seconds count in disaster relief. In some cases, firefighters cannot get close to the fire scene because of the scale of fire, which renders rescuing efforts futile. Compared with the conventional fire fighting, the Pyrolance’s cutting extinguishing technique provides quicker and safer solution, as firefighters remain in a protected position outside, and get their jobs done.


The Pyrolance reduces flashover or backdraft with water sprays first, which lend some time to firefighters so that they can enter in the fire site where is surrounded by less heat or smoke. It is common sense among firefighters that “the biggest problem for fire fighting is not the fire but the heat”. PyroLance curbs heat by effectively cooling the temperature inside the structure, resulting in significantly reduced likelihood of flashover or backdraft. The ProLance also works with A-class foam. After the entry team have gained access, the foam can be delivered via the device to shield burning origins from being in contact with air, more specifically, oxygen.


Cutting extinguishing is a breakthrough in the firefighting history, represented by Sweden and American Pyrolance practices. After trying many means of firefighting, many fire departments in US such as aviation, marine and special ops, begin to put Pyrolance into use. Take aviation for example. the PyroLance gives crews access to complex composite structures such as engine bays, cabins, cargo holds or anywhere fire breaks out. The work procedure is similar as fire fighting in structural buildings on land. The PyroLance sends the ultra high pressure steam to the center of fire through penetrated opening, and thus the fire is contained with maximum effectiveness.


Fighting fire is tough; luckily, fire gears are being developed to suit even more demanding requirements. The PyroLance is a big step, and hopefully, more effective equipment will come along. 

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