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One Plus 5T: Value for Money
An excellent phone with a killer price
Michelle Wang
By Michelle Wang
Dec 23, 2017

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The launch of One Plus 5T this month made a stir in the smartphone industry, putting One Plus, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer in the spotlight once again. It was only five months after the company released its One Plus 5.


The newer 5T is an upgrade of its predecessor One Plus 5. Following iPhone X, and Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the 5T is optimized for a bezel-less screen, and a bigger one: 6.01-inch, the biggest size the market has to offer. The aspect ratio is also changed to a more universal 18:9. Everything looks fine except for a resolution of 1080×2160, which seems a drawback. After all, the 4K resolution is going mainstream, and are widely adopted in Apple, Huawei or Samsung’s higher-end models. If you are not a tech geek looking for extremely perfect features, then it is still an optimal choice.


Keeping the superior metal unibody design and sturdy builds as One Plus 5, the 5T is aesthetically pleasing in many aspects. The bezel-less display aside, it’s gently curved, and really thin. Surprisingly, the model is only available in Midnight Black. There is no explanation to this reduced option yet. Maybe we could expect more alternatives in the near future.


Another big change in 5T is its facial recognition and fingerprint sensor. Major smartphone players, including Apple, Sumsung, Huawei and Vivo begin to incorporate facial recognition in their phones. One Plus is one of them to follow suit, and dub it as “Face Unlock”. As the name implies,

hit the power button, hold your phone, and let the phone scan your face, then the phone is unlocked. But it still has security concerns as it is done with the selfie camera. OnePlus admits that the facial recognition is not secure enough when it comes to authorizing a payment online.


With regard to fingerprint scanning, we should notice that the ceramic fingerprint sensor has been moved to the rear due to the streamlined design. The company has slimmed down the edges around the screen, so there is no room to accommodate a sensor on its front. According to OnePlus, they went through much experimentation, even color matching and finally opted for the ceramic ones as previous phones.


Another eye-catching feature is its dual camera setup—a 16-megapixel front-facing lens and a 20-megapixel lens. However, the latter is tuned to take low-light shots.  It is still used to capture portrait photos, but we got a more detailed one under night-time and lowlight conditions. However, you won’t get the desired quality for zoomed photos, as the optical zoom is gone. 


But it provides room for editing pictures with its multiple screen calibration options available. The SRBG, DCI-P3, and adaptive modes allow you to get a slightly different color. However, default mode is strongly recommended as it delivers bright and vivid color.


Lastly but not least, the phone is priced at $499 for a 6G memory and 64G storage capacity, and $549 for the 8G memory plus 128G version. This is hardly half the price for phones with similar features.


Admittedly, it doesn’t improve much in some features, such as water resistance, and no expanded storage. But no one is perfect. From a spec for price perspective, the One Plus 5T is arguably the best bezel-less phone in the mid-range phone market.









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