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Hover Camera Follows You And Captures Your Best Moment
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Michelle Wong
By Michelle Wong
Dec 15, 2017

Since the giant drone maker DJI brought the consumer-grade drone into our daily life years ago, many makers are venturing into this market of massive business values, and experimenting creative ideas to combine camera capabilities with “drones”.  Zero Zero Robotics’ Hover Camera is among a handful of creations that fly different a pair of wings.

Unlike other drones that are used for shooting spectacular landscape, Hover Camera is rather a self-flying camera that is inspired to focus more on “You”. It leverages Zero Zero’s AI algorithms that employ facial and body recognition to track a person around a room. The Hover camera follows you around and captures every impressive moment with a 13-megapixel camera that also shoots 4K video. All the work is done through the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Flight platform.

Admittedly, with this powerful Snapdragon Flight platform, these functions are not hard to achieve. But delivering stable flight under any circumstance is still a big bottleneck that is faced by the whole industry. Zero Zero manages to have this problem solved with an algorithm that is optimized for achieving steady flight even under poor light conditions.

In the meantime, Hover Camera stands out with its unprecedented foldable design and extreme lightweight. To make it a portable and user-friendly produce, the Zero Zero’s team brainstormed many ideas, and later opted for the idea of “foldable tech”. Along with its rigid, lightweight carbon fiber chassis, the result is a foldable “book” that weighs 242g only, and can be effortlessly carried with you. Much safer than bulky drones without cases, it also gets closer to people, especially those who are not tech savvy. Hands-on with Hover Camera requires minimum learning curve. All you have to do is unfold it, power it on, and let it take off on its own.

The Hover Camera reportedly works well indoors, but may be blown away in windy weather. But what is the chance for any flying camera weighing 242g to stand strong wind. Remember this is not an all-weather drone to withstand extreme conditions. It is meant to capture great moments on the go in a more casual setting. 

The claimed “8-minute battery life” has invited extensive criticism. To make up for it, the package comes with an additional battery for backup. And 8 minutes seems adequate for a camera to collect a host of photos. It is priced at $399.99 from various vendors, which is a reasonable budget for beginners to try out. 


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