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Utility Enhancement
Some of the most intriguing tools to better your life
Michelle Wang
By Michelle Wang
Dec 11, 2017

The Year 2017 is drawing closer and closer to the end. Throughout the year GiGagdets, one of the biggest tech influencers on FaceBook, has presented numerous viral videos on some of the edgiest tech gadgets in various fields. By tracking and monitoring our backend data, Gi present to you 2017’s most popular gadgets showcased on our channel. Today we bring you the hottest utility enhancement tools.

Xtend and Climb Telescoping Ladder


The telescoping ladder is the world’s first ladder that extends and locks by the foot to your desired height. It has your requirements covered by providing Home series, Pro series and Pro elite series. Either one you choose, the ladder keeps your climbing safe. The price available for Home series ranges from $149.99 to $233.19, and $299.79 to $389.99 for Pro and Pro Elite series. Check details at


Titan Tool


If you’ve ever painted the wall yourself, you know what a tiresome job to do. The titan helps in painting much faster, and removes all your worries—messy tools, oversprays and more. It easily reaches the corners and rooflines that you often overlooked, and covers 25 feet within 3 minutes. See, how easy! It is now available at a price of $74.95. Check details at


Homeright PaintStick


Can you paint an 8 x 8' wall in a minute? Yes, you can! With Paintstick, you will probably find the fastest and easiest way to paint. No messy paint trays or annoying refills are needed. It is really a must-have when it comes to refurbishing your house. It is reasonably priced at $29.99. Check details at


EBS Ink-Jet Printer

It is a common practice to ink print produces in logistic and storage industries.  It's cool to paint on any surface of different materials, such as plastic, wood, concrete, and textile, and the hand-held printer produces prints in variable heights from 1mm to 15mm. Even cooler is to label objects with EBS Ink-jet Printer just like laser-tagging.Want to know how it works? Check details at



Lamello Invis Mx2

The Lamello Invis Mx2 is a great help in assembling furniture, mending stairs and handrails. It can be quickly detached and reconnected with minimum wear by virtue of its magnet-driven features. Without needing screw clamps, it satisfies even the most demanding desire for anyone seeking for aesthetics, stability and productivity. Check out details at


Gorilla Gripper ‘Advantage’  

The general-purpose Gorilla Gripper ‘Advantage’ features an ergonomic cushion handle, which is designed to save costs, relieve strains and reduce risks of injury. With a carrying load of up to 100 pounds, the self-adjusting tool is excellent for carrying all kinds of boards, and all other sheet goods from paper thin to 3/4-inch thickness. The tool is priced at $29.95. Check details at


MAXIMUM Drywall Axe

The MAXIMUM Drywall Axe is a time-saving cutting tool designed for ease, accuracy and the extreme demands of contractor use. With a built-in tape measure, tractable blade, and solid grip, it allows you to measure, mark and cut easier and accurately. It ideally suits predictable and precise cutting on a variety of building materials. It is priced at $29.99. Check details at



The Loggerhead Bionic Wrench

You may not need a wrench every day. But when you are stuck with loose bolts, believe me, you will need a Bionic Wrench. Its unique 6-sided grip design allows you to tighten and loosen bolts within seconds. No more stress in dealing with the corners of the bolt. And you never have to worry about its falling off. It comes in three sizes: 6-inch, 8-inch and 10-inch, among which the 8-inch wrench is now available and priced at $24.95.   

Check details at

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