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The New "Light" in Photography
The L16 Light Camera
Wei Hui
By Wei Hui
Dec 10, 2017

It has been some time we witnessed some true changes in the photography world , and Light Company is just about to bring us that: the L16.

On the outside, L16 looks no different than a daily smartphone: rectangular body made of aluminum, very few physical buttons, full 5''HD LCD touchscreen, and camera lenses. Except, too many camera lenses: all 16! When L16 takes a picture, 10 or more cameras work simultaneously and capture the same scene with slightly different perspective. Then the L16, depending on the zoom, intelligently selects a combination of 28mm, 70mm, and 150mm modules to put together an impeccable 52MP photograph. Besides the ultra high resolution, the powerful mix of lenses and modules also features a 5x continuous optical zoom, ultra low light performance, depth of field control, and more, all in this compact camera.

Check out these photos taken by L16 and see for yourself what it has to offer.

The depth of field control

Noise reduction

Synthetic focal plane adjustment

A boat sitting on shore

The incredible detail of where the rust meets the grass

Early adopters and enthusiasts have formed an online community called LightRumors to share experience and testimonies with L16, primarily on comparing photos shot on DSLRs and on L16s. Up to now, the general consensus is that L16 is definitely easier to use both in shooting and editing, much more portable, and produces superior image qualities. Yet it is slow to focus on fast-moving objects, and most importantly,  "takes the fun off capturing a perfect moment", as alleged by many favoring DSLRs.

YouTubeThough L16 is reportedly targeting social media and smartphone users as primary customers for shooting better photographs, the debate extends to whether L16 could replace professional DSLRs in the future. The Wall Street Journal tech columnist Geoffrey A. Fowler lately did an exclusive story on comparing L16 with traditional DSLRs.

The Light Company has shipped the fist batch of L16s to pre-order customers and expects full market release in 2018. Curious and interested individuals can reserve your own L16 on the official website at the price of $1950,  with a $250 deposit first and $1700 balance due prior to shipping.

Put aside the debate of preference and superiority, the question Light camera really brings is, when technology is on your side, what would you do? 

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