BaboCush – Absolute contentment for unsettled babies

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Here’s how the babocush gets such amazing results

Cocooned inside the womb for many months babies are not used to being laid on their backs without the heartbeat, movement and comfort they have always known.
The babocush is designed to hug your baby securely in the perfect position for relieving wind, colic and reflux.
The rigorously tested safety harness holds your baby safely in a semi-upright position with the body, hands, feet, cheek and head in contact with the soft fleece cover.
Babies in this position do not experience the startle reflex, they feel calm and contented and can enjoy their view of the world from a ‘hug’.
The babocush holds your baby in a very natural position, allowing the airways to relax and stay open as opposed to sitting slumped over in a bouncer, rocker or car seat.
Here’s Why the Babocush Works
When your baby just won’t settle in the rocker, bouncer or play mat, the babocush offers an alternative option. Tummy down, face to the side, relaxing against the soft cover and soothed by the gentle vibration and heartbeat, you can relax and know that your baby will be comforted and settled on the babocush, giving you peace and time to relax.

Tummy time means mummy time!

The vibrating soother may be removed from the babocush and placed under your baby’s cot mattress (out of reach). A peaceful night’s sleep is essential for your baby’s growth and development. Calm and settle your baby at bedtime with the babocush vibrating soother which replicates the sound of a mum’s heartbeat.

There has been a considerable increase in flat-head syndrome since the campaign to put babies to sleep only on their backs. However it is now apparent that this position puts pressure on the back or side of the head. Newborn babies skulls are so soft that flattening of the head will occur if not enough tummy time is provided. Babies with flat-head syndrome often have other associated problems such as:

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