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A constant Source of Power

The river offers the best energy potential compared to other renewable sources of energy. Providing constant energy 24 hours a day, Idénergie’s river turbine can meet the electric needs of a residence by producing, at maximum capacity up to 12 kWh daily.
The reliability of the turbine offers a good alternative to gas generator. Motor noise, smell of gasoline, round trips to gas stations, fuel expenditures will be problems of the past.
The river turbine installation requires only 3 persons with little to no experience at all. No need of cranes, riverbed modifications or any costly civil works.
Inspired by IKEA, the equipment is shipped anywhere in the world, dismantled in a box and can be assembled on the river bank by simply using allan keys.

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pinakin yadav
pinakin yadav
12/03/2016 11:07 pm

what is the price

Arnav Raichand
Arnav Raichand
12/13/2016 8:40 pm

Thanks for sharing this article, This power generator is really helpful for us. Where is this turbine available?
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stan Rachesky
stan Rachesky
12/06/2016 9:39 am

I would like to receive more information. How do I get it?

12/05/2016 2:50 pm

Could you please give me the details about the product like teh specifications power, durability, amps, etc….and general secification price, warranty, where to buy etc….This gadget can save whole set of village in india. Thanks in advance.

Lala Sa
Lala Sa
12/07/2016 8:05 am
Gadget Hunter
12/05/2016 2:55 pm

HI. You should be able to find all of these details on the sellers website. Listed in this article.