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CHiP Smart Cookie Oven—Freshly Baked Cookies in 10 Minutes

bake perfect cookies

No preparation or clean-up needed!

CHiP™ wqas created to make baking easier for everyone, starting with cookies. He brings the joy of warm freshly baked cookies in under 10 minutes to you and those you love. Simply pick what flavors you’d like, and let CHiP take care of the rest. Have your own recipe? No worries, CHiP can help you bake those perfectly too!

Perfect Cookies Everytime

Texture, aroma, warm and always fresh–CHiP bakes it how you want. He’s able to sense the internal temperature throughout the baking process, so you can customize your cookie preferences.

How Does It Work

cookie maker
There’s virtually no preparation or clean-up! Simply scan, drop dough, press start, and you’ll have freshly baked cookies with no mess in 10 minutes or less. The CHiP mobile app, powered by SideChef, provides an easy, fun and intuitive way to customize your cookie preferences.

Know when cookies are done with app notifications.
Order dough through the CHiP app so you’re ready whenever a cookie craving hits.
No need to set time or temperature. The app knows precisely how to bake different kinds of cookies perfectly.

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